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SerialComm offers the highest quality, high performance RS485 to RS422 converter products with free shipping and same day express shipping. All of our RS485 to RS422 converters are industry-proven and both Sima S. Enterprises and SerialComm are ISO-9001:2015 TÜV certified data communication product suppliers. The superior quality and reliability of our serial converter products are designed for the most demanding mission critical applications. Our communication products provide cost-effective solutions that are safe and reliable for all your data conversion and device protection applications for any experienced engineer interfacing to their expensive industrial equipment, yet simple enough for home use by an amateur hobbyist. Sima S. Enterprises is committed to providing highest quality products on the market as well as the best customer support with 24 hour telephone tech support and general customer support.

  • The REP-485/422-9E is a high-performance, external powered, bi-directional, industrial RS485 to RS422 converter. It will also repeat RS485 or RS422 with 2.5KV isolation up to 4000 feet (1.2km). This converter/repeater features two DB9 connectors with two included terminal blocks for simple screw down connections. Our converters are protected by a 5-year replacement warranty and 30-day money back guarantee with no restocking fees. Operates at 0 to 115.2K baud. MTBF: 340,911 Hours

    Price: $59.95
  • The CON-485/422-REP is a a high-performance, external powered, bi-directional, rugged, industrial RS485 to RS422 converter. Besides the rugged RS485 to RS422 Converter converting and repeating RS485/RS422 it will also converter RS232 to RS485 or RS422. It is able to repeat RS485 or RS422 with 3KV isolation up to 6000 feet (1.8km). This is our most versatile serial converter with DC input from 12V DC to 36V DC or AC input from 100VAC to 240VAC with an included AC power supply. This converter comes with built-in terminal blocks and housed in a rugged steel case. Our converters are backed by a 5-year replacement warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee with no restocking fees. Operates at 0 to 115.2K baud. MTBF: 345,141 Hours

    Price: $79.95
10 Important Factors in Choosing the right RS485/RS422 Converter
Why do terminal blocks make installation simple?

For RS485/RS422 converters included terminal block is very important. Some converters on the market do not come with them. A terminal block is a screw down wire adapter that attaches to the DB9 serial adapter. It simplifies cable installation to attached cables such as CAT5 or CAT5e without the need to make a custom cable or adapter. Without the terminal block a custom cable needs to be made and that can be time consuming and expensive. Even if you are using the DB9 in your present installation it makes sense to have one for future applications. All of our high quality RS485/RS485 converters/repeaters include terminal blocks at no extra charge.

How and why is 120 OHM termination used?

Some of our RS485/RS422 converters come with terminal blocks with 120 Ohm termination selectable via a jumper on the terminal block. 120 Ohm is an advanced feature that impedance matches the cable system. In some cases where the cable runs are greater then 600 feet or baud rate is over 19.2K there could be noise or reflections on the RS485 or RS422 lines resulting in unreliable communication. In most cases, 120 ohm termination is not required but without the easy to use selectable 120 Ohm termination resistor on the terminal block, the resistor may have to be soldered on the ends of the cable runs making it an undesirable situation.

Is optional external power necessary?

Our RS485/RS485 converters are external powered. Differential RS485 or RS422 cannot derive port-power.

Do I need commercial or industrial grade?

Our RS485/RS422 converters come in only industrial grades. Industrial grade typically has a temperature range from -40ºF to 185ºF (-40ºC to 85ºC).

Are rugged converters really necessary?

Ruggedized converters are converters that are not susceptible to vibration and shock and must be specially reliability tested for that. Ruggedized converters are not really needed in most applications unless you are in an environment susceptible to vibration and other adverse environmental factors such as off-roading, on a boat or a plane.

Are regular or opto-isolated converters needed?

SerialComm offers both regular and opto-isolated RS485/RS485 converters / repeaters. Opto-isolated converters are usually used outdoors or in applications with noise or ground loop problems. There is no electrical signal path between one connector and the other and use optical LEDs to transfer data. This will protect your devices from voltage spikes and lighting and make the converter less susceptible to noise and ground loops. Opto-isolation is not surge suppression and the difference is a damaging voltage surge might destroy the converter and not the device it is protecting thus protecting your expensive device or computer.

How is quality engineering & standardized product testing important?

Quality engineering and standardized product testing is an important factor to ensure reliability in our RS485 to RS422 converter products. SerialComm products have an industry proven high reliability rate over 99% and are CE, FCC and RoHS certified as well as adhere to our ISO-9001:2015 quality program. And because of this, we offer a 5-year Replacement Warranty on our products. As part of our commitment to providing the highest quality and reliable products some of the tests performed on our products include temperature, EMI emissions and EMI radiation susceptibility and other environmental tests.

Importance of 12/7 telephone technical and customer service support?

We offer 24/7 telephone support as well as email support with quick turnaround. Some companies only offer email support. Serialcomm is dedicated to its products and customer support. If you need technical help or have a question you want to be assured you can talk to an engineer/customer/sales support at your schedule without having to wait for an email response that can take days.

Why we do not charge restocking fees?

A restocking fee is a handling charge that some companies charge when product is returned. Customers should be careful of companies that charge as high as a 20% restocking fee with the only customer disclosure in their Terms and Conditions statement. At Serialcomm we give you 30 days to decide whether you want to return the product at a full refund without any penalties or additional fees.

How free shipping and guaranteed express important?

We offer free shipping on all our products. This is a major savings for our customers. We do not offer a very low price and then add extra charges on the shipping to make up for the low price. We also offer optional expedited services by FEDEX, UPS and DHL. We offer FEDEX express services up to 6:30 PM EST or 3:30 PST which is the most flexible schedule on the market. If you decide to use your courier account we do not add any additional handling charges. We pride ourselves in our track record of getting packages to FEDEX on time.

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